About GGA

Guangzhou Grace Academy belongs to a worldwide family of schools using the A.C.E curriculum. This means our students learn in a system proven to work internationally, in more than 130 countries and around 6000 schools. Universities in the US, UK, Australia, and worldwide have accepted graduates of the School of Tomorrow program. Students are individually diagnosed to pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses; their course of study is tailored to meet their individual needs. Students learn the important life skills of setting and meeting their own study goals each day.


Guangzhou Grace Academy began in the fall of 1994 when Brian & Maria Hutt decided to establish a school that would provide the best education possible for their own children as well as for other children. They found the A.C.E learning system ideally suited for their purposes.

With over 40 years of experience in education, the worldwide A.C.E system has a proven track record in providing excellent educational materials and curriculum. The ACE School of Tomorrow program draws on the research of Dr Benjamin Bloom (Mastery Learning) and Fred Keller (Personalized System of Instruction) combined with the work of Dr Donald Howard to establish a comprehensive, character-based, individualized, mastery learning system. Learn more about the A.C.E curriculum...

Philosophy of Education

"Education is life! It is the communication of life from the living to the living, moving from one generation to the next."

So states Dr. Donald Howard, well-known American educator and founder of A.C.E.

Parents have a responsibility to train their children to live as moral people. Other than our personal accountability and commitment to our spouse, we, as parents, have no greater responsibility on earth.

The school is an extension of the home. It exists to work with parents and aid them in the awesome responsibility of providing the best environment possible for their children. Our school staff works closely with parents to train the whole child.

Learn more about the individualized learning system...