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Core Curriculum

GGA follows the ACE program of studies from A.C.E. School of Tomorrow consisting of 6 core subjects : Math, English, Literature & Creative Writing, Social Studies, Science, and Word Building. There are a variety of electives that students can choose, and these include Music, Art, Health, and Speech.

Apart from these basic subjects, the students also enjoy...

Afternoon Classes

Students receive classes in Art, Chinese, Communication Skills, Physical Education, Discovery (Practical Science, Math, etc.), and Music. Those who have privilege also have field trips and other activities.

Wisdom and Character Training

Students learn through character training, in their studies and by staff example, that true success is achieved through hard work, self-discipline and, above all, love.

Integrated Computer Time

Students spend time each week using programs designed to enhance their individual learning level. Some of these programs include A.C.E. software that trains students in math skills (Mathbuilder), spelling and vocabulary (Wordbuilder), typing skills (Typemaster), and reading skills (Readmaster).

English as a Second Language

A program suited to the age and level of each student ensures that even non-native English speakers progress at their highest individual rate. Extra ESL support is also available for students who need it.


Our school average SAT score is around 1340 (combined Math & verbal sections and excluding the newer writing section). Students who graduate on our system can go on to study in other countries. A detailed plan will be drawn up for each student in high school. 

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