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Options for Graduation

Are you wondering what certificate your child will receive when they graduate? Thinking about university? Here you will find a summary of the graduation options offered by GGA with the School of Tomorrow system.

Guangzhou Grace Academy (GGA) uses the curriculum of A.C.E. School of Tomorrow from the United States. This individualized system trains a student to progress through the material at their own ability level, beginning from material they already know and moving on to master new concepts and skills. Students normally enter the program after taking a diagnostic test to determine their performance level, which may vary from subject to subject.

A student may graduate at the end of the academic year in which they finish all the requirements for the certificate they plan to achieve. The supervisor of high school students will have a meeting with parents and the student to determine the best course of study that is appropriate to their future study and career goals as well as their individual gifts, talents, and calling. The supervisor will also take into account the English ability and age of the student when they enter the system. Previous graduates of the School of Tomorrow system (including those from GGA) have been accepted at hundreds of universities and colleges around the world. The current average SAT score for GGA graduates is over 1300 for Math & Verbal. 

The 4 basic options for graduation are listed on the following pages. For a list of colleges and universities that have accepted ACE graduates around the world please visit:


GGA is a fully registered school recognized by the Chinese government in Beijing and by the provincial education authorities in Guangdong. GGA is the Model School using the School of Tomorrow system in China.

For students who will go to study in a country that requires more accreditation than this, a dual enrollment program is offered. Students follow on of the above options at GGA and their tests are passed to Lighthouse Academy (LCA) in the USA. LCA will issue the same certificate as GGA but indicating accreditation by the Commission for International and Trans-regional Accreditation (CITA), and this can also be sealed by the State of Texas if necessary. This dual enrollment option involves an extra cost to parents that must be directly paid to LCA. More information is available on request.